Integrating ESG results in better investment decisions


We believe that incorporating material ESG considerations into the investment process can add value which can result in higher risk-adjusted returns for our clientsover the long term.

Engaging with investee entities can be constructive


We recognise that responsible investing requires a patient approach and an understanding that improvement in corporate behaviour can support investor value over time. We believe that companies that adopt sustainable business practices are more likely to deliver superior value in the long-term.

Active Ownership is preferable to exclusion


We believe that hard exclusions from our investment universe should be utilised as a last resort, where ESG risks are insurmountable or where continued engagement is considered ineffective. Rather, seeking change in corporate behaviour through engagement is more likely to have real-world impacts.

Transparency to our clients is


We believe that providing transparency on our ESG activities helps our clients understand our priorities and impact.

Active Ownership

Our responsible investment approach is deeply aligned with active ownership activities for risk mitigation and value creation over the long term. As active owners, we leverage on our market exposures and expertise to foster long-term, collaborative relationships with investee companies to deepen collective understanding and tackle material issues including ESG risks and opportunities. We consider engagement and proxy voting as key drivers of active ownership.

  • 42823
    Total Number of Votable Items
  • 97.7
    Items Voted
  • 89.3
    Votes with Management
  • 10.7
    Votes against Management

Eastspring Investment (Singapore) Limited’s proxy voting record for calendar year 2022.

Engagement Case Studies

Engagement with investee companies is core to our active ownership responsibilities. We aim to encourage business and management practices that support positive enhancement of material ESG traits or mitigation of material ESG risks across our holdings. We do this using constructive engagement based on our in-depth knowledge of our investments in the context of their business environment.


Energy company in an emerging market

Eastspring Singapore engages on climate transition capex.


Port Operator in Asia

Eastspring Singapore engages on climate adaptation.


Electronics Manufacturing Services company in Malaysia

Eastspring Malaysia engages on labour practices and working conditions.


Energy company in Indonesia

Eastspring Indonesia engages on business ethics and transparency.


Multiline and Specialty retailer and distributor in Asia

Eastspring Taiwan engages on energy management and data security.


Beauty and Cosmetic conglomerate in South Korea

Eastspring Korea engages on supply chain management and palm oil.

ESG Integration

At Eastspring Investments, investment professionals are responsible for incorporating all factors deemed to materially impact the investment decision making process. ESG integration is an essential component of our investment analysis process. Our integration guidelines include a focus on materiality and active ownership.

Listed Companies and Corporates

We seek to identify, assess, and monitor material ESG risks and opportunities. Investment teams integrate ESG issues with material impact on a company’s valuation, credit worthiness, and license to operate within the investment analysis, investment decision, and active monitoring of holdings. Through the ESG integration process, investment teams develop an informed and holistic assessment of a company’s exposure to and management of ESG risks and opportunities.

Quantitative Strategies

ESG is incorporated as a formal stream in our research program, where we conduct significant research on alpha signals, including those related to material ESG issues, using available historical data. We look to identify and validate ESG alpha factors that improve the returns of our strategies and ESG risk factors that may mitigate risk in our strategies.

Private Assets

ESG factors are assessed during due diligence while considering any prospective investment and at each stage of the investment process, from origination to exit. It is the fiduciary duty of the alternative asset investment team to seek to maximise returns on investments, and ESG factors are intrinsic to that objective. The investment team engages with underlying managers to promote ESG best practice and address material ESG issues, to manage and monitor ESG risks in the post-investment phase and until exit.

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