About the programme

Eastspring is committed to building a talent pipeline and future leaders through our Internship Programme.

You will grow your investment skills and knowledge through a structured programme aimed at developing your ability to gather and analyse information, present investment ideas, make decisions and construct portfolios.

Get ready to become a true investment professional as you develop technical competencies from on-the-job and classroom trainings as well as through professional certifications.

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Meet Dion

"As an equities intern in the Greater China team, I analysed Chinese equities in the consumer sector, performed valuation and provided investment recommendations through stock pitches. One of the many highlights of my internship experience was conducting a deep-dive analysis of the Chinese consumer sector and providing investment recommendations to the team.

At Eastspring, I was given learning opportunities as an intern, but also given the exposure of an experienced investor. I attended corporate conferences, management meetings and shadowed portfolio managers to learn how meetings are conducted.

One thing I enjoyed most about the company is the people. In my first few weeks of the internship, whenever I bumped into colleagues from the department, I was greeted with smiles and made to feel part of the team."


Meet Hsin yee

"Coming from a physics background but highly interested in the investment industry, I hoped to gain insights into quantitative analysis as an investment strategy. I also hoped to gain hands-on experience in programming in R and SQL, which are useful languages for data analysis and machine learning. Prior to this internship, I mostly programmed in MATLAB. Being an investment arm of Prudential, Eastspring has a global presence and large AUM, investing in a diversity of asset classes. Hence, I felt that interning in Eastspring’s QSA department would present many learning opportunities to me.

Through the internship so far, I have gained a breadth of knowledge – not only technical programming skills such as database management, but also the bigger picture of QSA’s interaction with the other divisions. I also have had the opportunity to sit in for external meetings.

I really enjoyed working with the QSA team - they are a close-knit team, very supportive and welcoming. "


Meet Kimberly

"Eastspring offered an amazing opportunity to be part of their Responsible Investment journey – and I knew it would be a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding experience. Despite being a fresh graduate, I am given an opportunity to work directly with management who are very driven about ESG and RI – it is not every day you can work for a firm that truly walks the talk.

My day-to-day job is varied, revolving around research, reporting, training and working closely with the different investment teams across the LBUs within Eastspring specifically on ESG-related topics.

Eastspring truly develops their graduates – I’ve had the opportunity to participate in conferences, trainings, as well as hothouses hosted overseas this early with the firm. Furthermore, the ‘flat’ structure here means that there’s an abundance of experienced colleagues willing and able to act as your mentor and provide advice and guidance."