Our principles

Integrating ESG results in better investment decisions. We believe that incorporating material ESG considerations into our processes will result in higher risk-adjusted returns and add value for our clients over the long term.

Engaging with investee entities can be constructive. We recognise that responsible investing requires a patient approach with gradual changes in corporate behaviour over time. We firmly believe that companies that adopt sustainable business practices are more likely to deliver superior value that supports investor value in the long-term.

Active ownership is preferable to exclusion. We believe that hard exclusions from our investment universe should be utilised as a last resort, where ESG risks are insurmountable or where continued engagement is considered ineffective. Seeking change through engagement is more likely to have real-world impacts.

Transparency to our clients is important. We believe that providing transparency on our ESG activities helps our clients understand our priorities and impact.

Our journey

We are well-positioned to provide sustainable solutions to our clients.








Mar 2021
Eastspring Singapore adopts..
Eastspring Singapore adopts the SASB framework
Apr 2021
Eastspring Investments..
Eastspring Investments formalizes Sustainability Steering Committee
May 2021
Prudential plc, asset owner parent..
Prudential plc, asset owner parent, announces 2050 net-zero targets
Jun 2021
Eastspring Singapore adopts ISS as..
Eastspring Singapore adopts ISS as a third-party vendor for research on controversial weapons
Dec 2021
Eastspring Singapore launches Exclusions..
Eastspring Singapore launches Exclusions Policy; 86% of SICAV funds achieve SFDR Article 8 status and are SFDR Level 2 compliant
Feb 2020
Eastspring becomes member of Climate Action 100+
Jun 2020
Eastspring becomes investor signatory of CDP
Aug 2020
Eastspring receives first official PRI Assessment Report
Nov 2020
Eastspring Malaysia and Indonesia joins the PRI Sustainable Commodities Programme
Jan 2019
Eastspring becomes member of AIGCC and ICGN
Dec 2019
Eastspring Singapore adopts MSCI ESG Research; launches the Asia Sustainable Bond Fund
Feb 2018
Eastspring becomes a PRI signatory
May 2018
Eastspring formalizes firm-wide RI Framework and Governance Structure
Dec 2018
Eastspring Taiwan signs Taiwan Stewardship Principles; Eastspring Korea signs Korea Stewardship Code
Apr 2017
Eastspring Singapore signs Singapore Stewardship Principles
Feb 2015
Eastspring Singapore forms Responsible Investment working group
Oct 2015
Eastspring Singapore appoints independent RI consultant to assist with introductory dialogue
Aug 2014
Eastspring Singapore and Japan signs Japan Stewardship Code

Source: Eastspring Investments, as of 30 June 2022. Eastspring Investments has been a member of ACGA since November 2002.

ESG integration

There are many factors in the ESG landscape that have the potential to affect our investments. By integrating ESG into our investment processes, we gain a complete view of the companies across the asset classes we manage.

Listed companies and corporates

We seek to identify, assess, and monitor material ESG risks to and opportunities affecting or likely to affect investments.

Sovereign debt

We utilise a proprietary assessment process that considers a range of sovereign ESG risk dimensions.

Quantitative strategies

We look to identify and validate ESG alpha factors that improve the returns of our strategies and ESG risk factors that may mitigate risk in our strategies.

Private assets

ESG factors are included in our due diligence when considering any prospective investment at each stage of the investment process, from origination to exit.

Manager selection

We ensure that the sub fund managers that we engage have ESG policies and processes in place that are sufficiently aligned with the expectations and objectives of our own policies, and employ a qualitative and quantitative assessment of prospective new managers.

Active ownership

We believe engagement with investee companies and industries is critical to improving corporate behaviour over the long-term.

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Eastspring Investments (Singapore) Limited’s proxy voting record for calendar year 2021.

Company engagement

Our responsible investment approach is deeply aligned with active ownership activities for risk mitigation and value creation over the long term. As active owners, we leverage on our market exposures and expertise to foster long-term, collaborative relationships with investee companies to deepen collective understanding and tackle material issues including ESG risks and opportunities.

As such, we believe active ownership can enhance overall financial market stability and promote economic growth, whilst driving effective corporate and systemic changes. We consider engagement and proxy voting as key drivers of active ownership.

Proxy voting

An active and informed voting policy is an integral part of our equity investment philosophy and forms a core part of our approach to active ownership. As a starting point to this policy, we are supportive of the boards and management of the companies in which we invest. However, when companies consistently fail to achieve our reasonable expectations, we will consider actively promoting changes via proxy voting. By exercising our votes, we seek both to add value and to protect our clients’ interests as shareholders.

Our framework

At Eastspring, we have wide-ranging investment expertise and diverse investment approaches as we work under the premise that there is not a single, universal approach to Responsible Investment.

All investment teams are informed by our Responsible Investment Standards, including ESG, Stewardship, Proxy Voting and Best Execution. Each asset class and investment strategy has its own unique characteristics, and investment teams are empowered to own their approach to ESG integration and engagement. All investment professionals are also responsible for incorporating all factors deemed to impact the investment decision making process.

Supporting each of these approaches is an overarching Responsible Investment Framework and Governance Structure, which informs our Responsible Investment Standards and associated policies.

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