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We leverage technology and data to systematically identify market inefficiencies that exist as a result of entrenched conscious and sub-conscious behaviours and incentives of market participants. We manage the following equity-focused quantitative strategies:

  • Low Volatility
  • High Dividend Yield
  • Multi Factor

Robust, evidence-based framework

We identify factors – such as Quality, Value, Momentum and Low Volatility - which we believe drive financial asset returns. While these factors are derived from observed fundamental, behavioural or structural dynamics, they are validated by a vigorous, evidence-based research framework. We continue to challenge our prior beliefs to ensure our investment process adapts to changing market conditions.

Continuous pursuit

Just as traditional managers try to accommodate more data in their approach, we continue to pursue and exploit new data sources and types which can help us deliver excess returns to our clients. This drives us to expand our toolkits and hire specific new skillsets.

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