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We have a 20-year track record in managing multi asset portfolios from our beginnings as a manager of internal funds for the Prudential plc Group. To leverage on the strong success of our asset allocation capabilities, we have built a dedicated multi asset offering for institutional and retail clients. We offer the following range of local and global investment solutions:

  • Global Multi Asset
  • Balanced Equity and Bond
  • Income/and or Growth

Standing out from the crowd

We believe that financial markets experience variable risk premia because of participants’ different reaction and utility functions. By assessing where our opinions differ from the rest of the market, we develop a contrarian framework for investment views. We can differentiate ourselves by using a scenario framework to identify this mispricing of risk premiums.

High conviction views

Our focused and nimble team operates under a culture of debate and challenge. This helps avoids biases that may arise from group think. Our disciplined and pragmatic approach to risk ensures implementation of diversified conviction-based views across and within asset classes.

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