Corporate social responsibility


Giving back to society

As a global asset manager with Asia at its core, it is our responsibility to help individuals build financially sound futures.

With our wide physical presence across Asia, we are ideally positioned to make a positive contribution in the markets where we live and work. We are committed to contributing to the economic development of the countries in which we invest, by supporting the development of local communities.

Prudence Foundation

We are proud to be affiliated with Prudence Foundation, the community investment arm of Prudential Corporation Asia. Together with our colleagues at Prudential, we have the opportunity to volunteer with sustainable initiatives focused on Children, Education and Disaster Preparedness and Recovery and make a lasting contribution to Asian societies. We encourage our people to embrace opportunities to make a meaningful and positive impact on our local communities.

Prudence foundation

CSR activities

We work towards empowering the younger generation. Our core financial education programme aims to lay strong foundations to help children develop to their full potential.

Asia is more prone to natural disasters than other parts of the world. We help local communities better prepare for, manage and recover from these events.

We believe education plays a critical role in equipping people with the essential skills and knowledge that allows them to contribute to local communities and society.

We need to raise awareness of the needs of the elderly as populations age.