Culture and values


Life at Eastspring

The culture at Eastspring is open, inclusive and based on teamwork and as well as respect. People are our priority – the foundation of our networks, ideas, expertise and capabilities. Because trust is our most important asset, we put clients at the centre of everything we do.

We work as a team, pulling together towards a common goal, while being open to different viewpoints. That is why we hire, train and retain diverse employees.

Excellence is built into our DNA because we attract and retain the best talent in the industry.

Client first

We put clients at the center of everything we do and always act in their best interests.


We stick to sound moral and ethical principles. We always keep our word and do the right thing – even when it’s hard or is not recognised.


We value new thinking, are open to all viewpoints and are interested in different perspectives.


We are willing to take responsibility for our actions, seize the initiative and do the right thing for the business.


We treat people the same no matter their race, religion, gender, age, or country of origin. We know that diverse thinking creates the best ideas.


We always try to do more than we are asked, going above and beyond to get a better result.

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