Preparing our children for future financial challenges begins with setting the right examples. We are here to help build the next generation of Malaysian kids who are money smart.

Raymond Tang,
CEO, Eastspring Investments Malaysia

Empowering you to better your child’s future

As parents ourselves, we want our children to understand the value of money. This is so they can make informed financial decisions to secure a better future. Our passion for financial education and empowerment spurred us to create #MoneyParenting. We aim to empower parents everywhere with the confidence and know-how to coach their child towards a financially successful life.

This journey starts with you. Because you are not only a “mom” and “dad”. You are also their role model, actively shaping their beliefs and attitudes every day. It is therefore important to conscientiously better your money parenting skills.

When it comes to money parenting, let us do it right together.

95% of parents agree that money parenting is very important

A majority of parents agree that it is essential for a child to learn about money: valuing it, using it, and understanding its role in life.

25% of parents think they are good at money parenting

Only a quarter think they are doing a good job teaching their children about money. Most either are not sure or do not know how they rate.

51% of parents are not confident about money parenting

It may be due to a lack of financial knowledge or simply being unsure of how to teach money habits. But most are assured that when they understand the subject more, they can be better at it.

Our partners on this journey

Besides leveraging research and in-house capabilities, we work rigorously with a panel of qualified partners to continuously deliver useful content to make this an enriching journey for you. They include:

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