The world is your oyster — if you have a phone

Are millennials missing out on the magic of life? Or is technology changing their expectations?

“So I’m dating this guy now..” she starts.

“Where’s he from? Tinder? Bumble?” her friend cuts in.

Millennials are playing a different dating game now. Phones are now a key to how they meet the one. Some may wonder, “Where’s the real experience? The heart flutters you get when a stranger comes over to your table to talk to you? The slight embarrassment when a friend introduces you to someone at a gathering? There’s no magic.”

Some millennials would beg to differ. The magic still exists, just in a different form. You will still feel heart flutters when the “You’ve got a new match” notification pops up on your phone, and you see it’s someone you’ve previously “swiped right” (liked).

But it’s not just dating that has changed with millennials. With a phone in hand, millennials are capable of almost anything. Innovation is making interfaces simpler and granting millennials access to everything more easily.

Looking for a job? Job recruitment apps like LinkedIn or Blonk get you connected with firms and positions of your choice. Wish to learn a new skill? Anyone can learn anything through online courses or YouTube videos nowadays. Handling your finances? Most banks have apps that allow you to pay bills, transfer money to someone, and even invest funds!

The smartphone (and the internet) has transformed the world to become a millennial’s oyster, and their expectations have changed. At Eastspring Investments, we know our millennials, and we strive to understand how their expectations are changing business models and impacting the investments we make. Discover more insights about millennials here.