School, another word for home

Who wouldn’t love to live in today's student dorms?

“There’s no place like home.” Unless your student dormitory is way better than your own home.

Today’s student accommodation is no longer the dull, dingy dormitories they were a decade ago. These days, they’re equivalent to — or better in some cases — to our own homes, as they cater to the changing needs of their younger generation inhabitants.

When you think about it, that’s the ultimate selling point of student dormitories as opposed to students renting their own apartments in the vicinity surrounding the university — it should be a “home away from home”.

One of the home's first necessities is technology — more student accommodations are incorporating the latest technological solutions. Think smart TVs for fresh content, AI assistants to inform them if their laundry is done, an app to book study rooms. There are even some with high-tech security solutions, such as digital locks for fingerprint identification to enter the dormitory or rooms.

What else might students be missing from their own homes? Family members, yes, but also their pets. Imagine if you could have your furry friend accompany you to the “foreign land” you’re in! To give their inhabitants a sense of comfort, some of today’s more liberal dormitories allow exactly this. No longer are students left to feel alone and homesick; with a furry buddy by their side, they have a friend to help them adjust and feel more at home with.

More student accommodations today are also in line with one of millennials’ priorities — they are becoming eco-friendly. They are implementing LED lighting where possible, green roofs, solar panels, and sustainable interior designs, which are satisfying eco-conscious millennials.

Student accommodations have improved significantly. Incorporating the latest trends, they're now attractive nests for students to live in before flying out to the working class. Investments too, are continuously being improved to offer investors valuable nests in which they can deposit their cash eggs.