Rats: A symbol of prosperity

Spotted a rat? You might be prosperous soon.

Rats may have a bad reputation but not everyone sees them as vermin.

In the Chinese culture, the Rat represents wisdom, wealth and prosperity. It is said to be the first animal that arrived when the Jade Emperor called the animals to appoint the zodiac signs, so the Rat starts the 12-year cycle.

In some Indian cultures, rats level up. They are worshipped and protected in temples like the Karni Mata Temple in Rajasthan, India. Believed to be a reincarnation of the Goddess Karni Mata, the 20-odd thousand rats that live there are indeed blessed as they are fed milk and grains daily.

Tourists and devotees alike travel from across the country to see them, offering sacrifices to prayers for increased success and prosperity. And if you see a white rat in the temple amongst all the black and brown rats, that’s said to be the highest symbol of luck.

But you don’t actually have to see them in the flesh. If you see rats in dreams, a positive happening is coming your way, according to Chinese and Hindu interpretations of dreams.

For example, if a farmer dreams of a rat, he would have a good harvest. If a married woman dreams of holding a house rat, she’s going to have a baby. If you dream of catching a squirrel (also called a rat in chinese), you’re going to find hidden treasure!

Contrary to the popular negative connotations of rats, there are some cultures that view them positively. Similarly, investors may have varying perceptions of different investments. Find out which ones appeal to you with our Suitability Assessment Tool, here.