Esports – a game of life and death?

As Esports becomes more popular, Indonesia is a country to keep your eyes on.

Esports is a form of competition where players battle it out in a video game while spectators cheer them on. North America and China are the main drivers of the global esports industry today but it’s gaining traction in Southeast Asia.

Not just fun and games, esports has been incorporated in major international stages, having made its debut at the 2018 Asian Games hosted in Jakarta. Esports will also be present in the 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines, and included in the 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

And there’s a dark horse emerging in the region: Indonesia.

With a growing internet penetration, mobile games are increasingly popular among Indonesian youth. Local and international companies recognise the explosive popularity of video games in the country, and are investing money and effort to associate themselves with the sport and develop the best teams.

The country is projected to be one of the largest gaming markets in the Asia-Pacific with estimated revenue of US$941 million.

With an active gaming population of some 4.3 million active gamers, Indonesia is the 17th biggest gaming market globally. And with prize money ranging from several thousand to several hundred thousand — or in the millions for prestigious global competitions — it’s easy to see how a career in gaming could be for tempting to young Indonesians.

As more youth aspire to become the next professional gaming star, the future of Indonesia’s esports scene will continue to shine.

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