All areas of our life are getting smarter thanks to AI, especially our homes. Smart Home devices have come to be a normality in most modern households, with smart features ranging from voice controls for your electric appliances, to smart furniture for a more comfortable home experience, to almost mind-reading mirrors that tell you what to do (and not).

The most commonly known Smart Home features are AI assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. These handy devices answer all types of questions, play music and make calls. They can even hold conversations — who needs humans anymore anyway, right?

Imagine going back home and you don’t have to do any housework. While you were at work, you got your laundry done (while receiving updates of when the laundry and dryer finished their work) and your robotic vacuum cleaned the floor — all controlled with an app on your phone.

Even more futuristic: as you enter a room in the house, your preferred settings for light, music, or temperature are automatically activated. That’s what RoomMe does. The smart home personal location sensor automates existing smart home devices to create personalized smart home scenes, just for you.

For security, there’s the Ring doorbell. Connected to your smartphone, it allows you to see, hear and even speak to visitors from wherever you are. Talk about walls having eyes and ears!

With these smart devices for your home, living alone is a lot less lonely and tiring, and safer.

More homes and buildings today are incorporating smart — and smarter — features. Smart homes, and their integration with the rise of smart cities in Asia will continue to underpin demand for Asian real estate. Find out how you can make this a smart part of your investment portfolio by reading Eastspring Investments’ insights, here.

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