5 lessons in investing from the rat

2020 is a new year, let’s start it well!

Did someone say rats! Investments can be a game of cat and mouse. We know, they’re not easy to understand. But 2020 could be your lucky year, because it’s the year of the Rat — heed these mousey sayings and you might just be prosperous!

Start the new year with a clean slate. The start of the year provides a good chance for anyone to go through their belongings, including investments. Review what you have and keep only what is necessary. Don’t be the pack rat that hoards things it doesn’t need.

That said, in organising your portfolio, don’t go selling all your investments as soon as you hear something negative about them. Burn not your house to fright the mouse away, the saying goes. Consider the benefits of these investments in the long-term rather than the short before you make your decision.

After all, life is a rat’s race, but investments are for the long-term, for life beyond that. Start planning early — it’s never too early — so that you have enough of an investment window to ensure you can live your retirement in peace, comforted by the fact that you have all the sufficient funds you need.

As you look at new investment options, keep this Chinese saying in mind: A bird can roost but on one branch, a mouse drinks not more than its fill from a river. It simply means don’t be greedy. Don’t take on more risks that you are comfortable with, just for the possibility of getting higher returns.

When you hit a rough patch with your investments, be the second mouse. Two mice that fell into a bucket of cream: the first one gave up quickly and drowned, but the second continued to struggle — it struggled so hard that it turned the cream into butter and crawled out. Moral of the story? Take a long-term view and ride through the volatility.

With these rat sayings, you can become a better investor in 2020 and beyond. Keep your long-term goals in mind and invest with the vigilance of a rat.

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