Institutional Solutions

Direct Discretionary Portfolios

Direct Discretionary Portfolios are individually tailored portfolios that invest directly into a selection of assets – local or offshore, conventional or Shariah-compliant which carefully chosen in accordance to your personal investment objective. It is suited for discerning clients like you who wish to delegate the management of your assets to an investment team who are committed to acting in the best interest of the clients and potentially delivering optimal investment outcomes over the long term.

Collective Investment Scheme ("CIS") Portfolios

CIS Portfolios are diversified portfolios of various unit trust funds designed to meet your investment objectives, risks profile and time horizon. Our capable and well experienced fund managers will regularly monitor and rebalance your portfolio where necessary.

Cash Management Solutions

We offer cash management solutions that provide your organisation with the potential to maximise returns of your cash reserves and exceed the interest rates provided by bank deposits (net of corporate tax).
Our cash management solutions are also designed with flexible withdrawal and placement turnaround time that cater to your cash flow needs.
By subscribing to our cash management solutions, deposit placements with multiple banks as well as analysis of creditworthiness of the banks are performed by Eastspring Investments Berhad – this helps to ease the administration work in your organisation, freeing time for other more important tasks.

Eastspring Portfolio Advisors (EPA)


EPA centralises customised multi-asset investment solutions activities into a single team, driving efficiency and a consistent investment philosophy and process.

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