Eastspring Investments Wholesale Sukuk Fund

Fund information

MYR 0.9758
NAV as of 2022/07/01
MYR 0.0006
Daily $ Change
Daily $ Change

Fund objective

The Fund aims to provide regular income stream* and capital growth over the medium to long term**.

* Income distributed to a Unit Holder will be reinvested into additional Units unless Unit Holder opts for the distribution to be paid out.

** “medium to long term” in this context refers to a period between 3-5 years.

Fund Type / Fund Category Income / Sukuk
Sales Charge:
- Direct Investments

Annual Management Fee Up to 0.50% of the Fund’s NAV per annum
Annual Trustee Fee Up to RM2 billion - 0.03% of the Fund’s NAV per annum; Above RM2 billion - 0.015% of the Fund’s NAV per annum;

subject to a minimum of RM15,000 per annum (excluding foreign custodian fees and charges) calculated and accrued daily
Income Distribution Policy On quarterly basis, subject to the availability of income
Risk Profile Conservative

External Fund Manager

Eastspring Al-Wara Investments Berhad (Eastspring Al-Wara’) is an Islamic investment management company managing assets for pension funds, institutional investors as well as onshore and offshore mandates.

Eastspring Al-Wara’ is part of the Prudential Group. The ultimate parent company of the Prudential Group is Prudential plc whose shares are listed on the London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore stock exchanges.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Eastspring Al-Wara’ is responsible for providing innovative Shariah investment solutions and target the rapidly growing Shariah institutional asset management market alongside Malaysia’s plans to expand its position as a leading international Islamic Finance Centre.

As at 31 December 2021, the company manages more than RM8.8 billion of Shariah compliant assets.

Eastspring Al-Wara’ is also part of the Malaysian International Islamic Financial Centre community, which focuses on supporting the development of the Malaysian Islamic capital market and positioning Malaysia as one of the leading global hub for Islamic finance.


Fund composition

Asset Allocations (%)

as of 31-May-2022

Top Holdings(%)

as of 31-May-2022


as of 01-Jul-2022



1M 6M 1Y 3Y 5Y YTD Since Inception
Bid-bid 0.97% -0.84% -0.85% 0.00% 0.00% -0.95% 0.91%
Benchmark 0.14% 0.76% 1.51% 0.00% 0.00% 0.63% 3.32%

Returns (%) as of 31-May-2022

Historical Distribution

Declaration date Gross distribution
Nett distribution
Nett distribution yield
2021/12/30 0.0100 0.0100 1.00%
2021/09/30 0.0040 0.0040 0.40%
2021/06/24 0.0071 0.0071 0.70%
2021/03/30 0.0071 0.0071 0.70%

Historical Distribution as of 25-Feb-2022


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