16 Jul 2021

 Advisory by Eastspring Investments:

It has recently come to the attention of Eastspring Investments that some unlawful organisations or individuals may have falsely impersonated Eastspring Investments to conduct activities through online channels such as the internet, social media, messenger applications or other device applications, as well as other offline channels. In this context, Eastspring Investments makes the following statements:

  1. Eastspring Investments’ official website is www.eastspring.com where links to the local Eastspring Investments’ entities’ websites are available. Eastspring Investments bears no responsibility for any unlawful activities or false information originating from such online and offline channels that falsely impersonates Eastspring Investments.
  2. Investors who wish to invest in Eastspring Investments fund products should refer to the official website and contact the local Eastspring Investments offices accordingly.
  3. Eastspring Investments may report to the relevant authorities any suspicious or unlawful activities undertaken by any person or organisation falsely impersonating Eastspring Investments and, reserves the right to take legal actions against fraudsters.

Eastspring Investments reminds investors to stay vigilant and not to rely on any fraudulent information to avoid financial losses. Investors who suspect unlawful activities by fraudsters or organisations falsely impersonating Eastspring Investments should immediately report the matter to relevant authorities and the police. Investors who have already fallen victim to fraud should immediately report to the police to protect their rights and interests. The above mentioned deceptive practices that induce investors to invest, and other illegal activities conducted by fraudsters impersonating Eastspring Investments and its employees, are not connected to Eastspring Investments. Eastspring Investments bears no responsibility for any losses suffered by investors arising from such activities.

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