Complaints handling

Any complaints about the operation of the SICAV or any of its sub-funds or services received as an investor should be submitted to the Management Company - Eastspring Investments (Luxembourg) SA - to the attention of the Complaints Officer.

Oliver Hermesdorf
Conducting Officer Governance, Compliance and AML
Tel: +352 22 99 99 5764

A complaint includes all grievances and criticism of the Management Company, its products and/or its agents, employees and representatives, irrespective of to whom the complaint is addressed and whether it is expressed in writing or orally, while it may also include all material concerns channelled through distributors or other service providers. For clarification, feedback of an inquiry nature would not be considered a complaint.

The process for handling a complaint is confidential. Once received, the complaint will be subject to a formal acknowledgement of receipt, which will be sent to you within 10 business days at your address (which should have been provided), unless the matter was resolved in the meantime. Management Company shall come back to you with a final response in relation with your complaint, including the course of action that has been undertaken in order to address the issue.

The Management Company has implemented and is subject to the requirements of the Luxembourg Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (“the CSSF”) Regulation 16-07 relating to the out-of-court resolution of complaints.

This means in particular that if as complainant, you are not satisfied with the resolution of the issue as proposed by the Management Company, you then have the possibility to escalate the matter to CSSF, within one year as from the date of your initial complaint, in view of the out-of-court resolution of such complaint by CSSF, i.e. your case shall be investigated by CSSF in view of a fair and amiable resolution. Click the link for more information.