Risk profile calculator

Before investing, it is important for investors to understand their investment goal, time horizon and risk profile. This risk profile questionnaire will help you determine the amount of risk you are willing to be exposed to when investing in a mutual fund.

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Question 1 of 7

1 How will you describe your knowledge of mutual fund?

Very limited

Very limited knowledge

Do not know how mutual fund works nor its risks. (For example, returns on some mutual funds can be negative).



Limited knowledge

Understand how a mutual fund works. I also understand the different, categories and risks of different mutual funds.



Good knowledge

Comfortable to take on risk for return across different types of mutual funds.


Very Good

Very Good knowledge

Comfortable to take on risk for return across different types of Mutual Funds. I also understand the how Mutual Funds work on an operational level, (i.e, pricing, settlement, fees etc)


Question 2 of 7

2 How many years have you been investing in mutual fund?



Less than 1 year


1-3 years


More than 3 years

Question 3 of 7

3 What is your expectation investing in Mutual Fund?

Cash flow & Safety =

Cash flow & Safety = Investment

Generate cash flow and provide safety of investment value


Primarily Cash flow >

Primarily Cash flow > Investment

Primarily cash flow, some for growth of investment value


Primarily Investment
Growth < Cash flow

Primarily Investment Growth < Cash flow

Primarily growth of investment value, some for cash flow



Long-term Investment

Long-term investment, no cash flow requirement


Question 4 of 7

4 How long have you planned to redeem half/all of your mutual fund holdings?

Less than 1 year


1-3 years


3-5 years


More than 5 years

Question 5 of 7

5 What is the maximum downside risk would you consider acceptable in a poor investment year?







More than 15%

Question 6 of 7

6 Over what period would you wish to assess the performance of your investment portfolio?

Monthly or quarterly


Semi annually




More than 1 year

Question 7 of 7

7 What is the percentage of your investment in mutual fund out of your total investment assets?

More than 75%






Less than 25%

Your Risk Profile
Very Conservative

As an Investors, you emphasis very much their investment on safety or capital preservation. In line with their risk preference, their investment instruments should have very low risk characteristics,i.e., money market instruments, such as time deposit, SBI and money market funds.

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