24 Oct 2016

 Jakarta, 24 October 2016 – Following the success of Eastspring Tour De Campus that has been done since year 2013 in various universities in Indonesia, PT Eastspring Investments Indonesia ("Eastspring") in cooperation with Economy and Business Faculty Udayana University again held Eastspring Tour de Campus 2016 in Denpasar on Friday, 21 October 2016.

"This event is part of Eastspring Investments’ commitment to support effort of the Indonesia Financial Services Authority in increasing financial literacy nationwide especially for young generation", said Riki Frindos, President Director of Eastspring Investments Indonesia.

Eastspring Tour de Campus is an education program on investments held by Eastspring Investments Indonesia in the form of seminar at universities in Indonesia and aims to introduce investment, capital market and financial industry as well as career in capital market to university’s students. Universities visited before including Andalas University, Padjajaran University, Gadjah Mada University, Binus International University and Lampung University. During the halfday seminar, the representative of the Indonesia Financial Services Authority also presented the investment management supervision.

Eastspring sees the importance of providing information on investment to students as potential future investors. "We hope after attending this event, students will understand the importance of managing finance and start investing early, because one investment’s best friend is time", added Riki.

Indonesia's capital market growth opportunity is still very large and needs to be supported by qualified personnel. In fact, however, the number of qualified personnel in the Indonesia capital market is still lacking. For example, the holder of the capital market profession certification is still far less than the neighboring countries. Eastspring hopes that after participating in the Eastspring Tour de Campus, students are looking at a wider career opportunities in the capital market, to further grow the industry.

For the purpose of investor education, Eastspring regularly publishes various publications and videos that can be accessed through eastspring.co.id. Onward, Eastspring is committed to continue to participate actively in customer education and promote Indonesia's capital market industry.

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