Fixed income

We leverage our experience and extensive on-the-ground presence to exploit pricing inefficiencies in the Asian bond market.

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    In-depth knowledge

    Our more than 50-member strong Fixed Income teams, based across 9 Asian markets, offer in-depth knowledge of Asian bond markets.
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    Alpha capture

    We seek to capture market opportunities at cyclical turning points when interest rates or credit spreads are at their extremes.
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    Enhanced returns

    We aim to enhance returns by actively managing our interest rate positions, credit selection and currency allocation.


We offer a full suite of solutions in US dollars and local currencies.

Asia ex Japan
Asia’s sizeable bond market offers increased diversification, compelling yields, and attractive risk-adjusted returns.
Asia’s growing sustainable bond market is key to funding the region’s climate challenges and will present increasing opportunities for investors.
Single country Asia
The domestic drivers within Asia’s local bond markets, in particular China, provide enhanced diversification for investors.


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Fixed income

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13 Sep

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M The yield appeal of SGD bonds

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The yield appeal of SGD bonds

23 Aug

Investors preference for high quality assets will benefit SGD bonds.

M Investing in Asian bonds through an ESG lens

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Investing in Asia bonds through an ESG lens

12 Jul | Rong Ren Goh

Asia’s sustainable bond market is growing rapidly but it is still a small ...

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Inflation eases but remains above targets

24 Apr

Asia’s rate hiking cycle is nearing its end

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Asian banks and AT1s

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AT1s serve to strengthen a bank’s overall reserves and will thus remain a viable ...

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7 reasons why Asian High Yields are returning to ...

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The outlook for Asian High Yields is expected to improve, given peak default rates ...


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Pockets of opportunities in Asian local bonds

22 Feb

Local buyers have emerged as the dominant participants in Asian local bonds

Mobile New emerging market debt compelling high yields

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Emerging Market Debt: Compelling high yields

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Emerging Market Debt is a very attractive asset class, offering high total returns ...

M-Singapore bonds-A low risk diversifier

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Singapore bonds: A low risk diversifier amid uncertainty

17 Jan | Danny Tan

The SGD bond market, which is one of the most advanced in the Asian region, has proven ...


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Fixed income

COP27 to further boost Asia’s sustainable bond market

23 Nov

Asia’s supply of sustainable bonds is growing