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At Eastspring, we aim to be a trusted partner to our clients, providing specialised and high quality investment solutions across the various asset classes that we manage. We are proud to be recognised for our achievements and these awards are a testament of our investment expertise and commitment to excellence.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance.

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  • Year   Country   Awards organisation   Category   Funds / Fund manager / Company
       2017 Hong Kong Benchmark Outstanding Manager Award, Asia Fixed Income Ooi Boon Peng
       2017 Hong Kong Benchmark Outstanding Achiever, Japan Equity Eastspring Investments
       2017 Hong Kong Thomson Reuters Lipper Best Equity Japan, 5 years Eastspring Investments-Japan Dynamic Fund A
       2017 Hong Kong Thomson Reuters Lipper Best Equity Sector - Real Estate Holdings Asia Pacific, 3 years Eastspring Investments - Asian Property Securities Fund A
       2017 Hong Kong Fund Selector Asia Gold (High Yield) Eastspring Investments - Asian High Yield Bond
       2013 Hong Kong Lipper Equity Sector Real Estate Asia Pacific (3 years) Eastspring Investments - Asian Property Security Fund A
       2012 Hong Kong Benchmark Best-In-Class for US Investment Grade Bond Fund (USD) Corporate Bond Eastspring Investments - US Investment Grade Bond Fund
       2012 Hong Kong Benchmark Outstanding Achiever in Asia Fixed Income Asia Fixed Income
       2012 Hong Kong Benchmark Best-In-Class for US Fixed Income US Fixed Income

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