We manage equity, fixed income, multi asset, and are securities investment advisory for individual and institutional clients.

Our global expertise and deep understanding of Vietnam give us a unique perspective of global financial markets. The expertise of our investment teams based in our global hub in Singapore is complemented by our local investment teams, who offer first-hand knowledge of local market nuances.


We always aim to delivering positive outcomes for investors over the long term.



We believe our value-oriented investment style can generate superior long-term returns;

Asset prices are driven by fundamentals and by perceptions of risk and uncertainty;

Markets such as Vietnam’s frequently exhibit sharp swings in sentiment that cause asset prices to overshoot.

fixed income


As one of the Vietnam’s largest bond managers, we deliver innovative solutions to meet our client’s objectives in both duration matching and active mandates.

multi asset

Investment Solutions

Today, we offer a range of balance product through exposure to multiple asset classes, including equity, bond, and bank deposit. Actively navigate the market through dynamic asset allocation to provide participation in equity upside when stock markets are performing well, while having a softening effect when stock markets are not performing well.



We provide securities investment advisory services to our clients.