Dear Investor

Less is More: Making the most of the Employees Provident Fund ("EPF") Stimulus Plan

EPF has recently announced its stimulus plan, taking into the consideration the challenging economic condition and the uncertainty within markets. The stimulus plan includes, among others, reducing the fees charged by Fund Management Institutions under the EPF Members Investment Scheme ("MIS") from 1st May 2020 to 30th April 2021 in order to stimulate the local capital market.

These reductions mean that you will be getting more units for every EPF-MIS investment you make for the next twelve months.

For example, if you invest RM1,000 into a fund with net asset value per unit of RM0.50, this is the number of units you will get before and after the reduction:

Illustration of additional units

  Sales charge Number of units
Manual submission/Electronic Member's Investment Option ("e-PPA")    
Current sales charge 3.00% 1,940
New sales charge 1.50% 1,970
Current sales charge 0.50% 1,990
New sales charge 0% 2,000

In compliance of this stimulus plan, Eastspring Investments has reduced its sales charge for its funds approved under the EPF-MIS. If you are interested to invest or find out more, please contact your Unit Trust Consultant or visit us at

We thank you for your continuous support. Stay well and stay safe.

Yap Siok Hoon
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer