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Eastspring Investments Hires Four Portfolio Managers to Expand Equity Team

16 Nov 2015

(HONG KONG, 16 NOVEMBER 2015) - Eastspring Investments (“Eastspring”), the US$125 billion Asian investment management arm of Prudential plc, and one of Asia’s largest investment managers, has announced the appointment of four new members to its equity team in order to deepen the analytical resources across a number of investment strategies.

Eastspring’s equity team currently manages more than US$30 billion in assets and is overseen by a team of highly experienced portfolio managers, aligned by strategy type into dedicated focus teams. The new hires will expand Eastspring’s equity capabilities.

• Bonnie Chan joins the equity team as a portfolio manager for the Asian Infrastructure Fund. Bonnie is a member of the Regional Asia focus team, where she specialises in Asian infrastructure equities. Previously, Bonnie was a Senior Analyst for Transportation and Infrastructure for two years at Jefferies, Hong Kong. This followed two years as a Senior Analyst for Transportation and Infrastructure at Macquarie Equity Research in Hong Kong. Prior to that, she was an analyst for six years at Blackrock Investment Management in London and Hong Kong.

• Mandeep Sachdeva joins Eastspring as a portfolio manager in the Global Emerging Markets (Asia) focus team, where he specialises in Asian emerging market equities. Mandeep has a strong background as an equity analyst covering Asian and European equity markets. With more than 11 years of experience, most recently at Fidelity in London he has an excellent track record in analysing and recommending investment opportunities. Prior to Fidelity, Mandeep worked at Orbis Investment Advisory and Citigroup.

• Arthur Kadish joins Eastspring as a portfolio manager in the equity team and is a member of the Regional Asia focus team. Arthur has more than eight years of investment experience specialising in Asia equity research and portfolio management. Prior to Eastspring, Arthur was an Asian equity analyst and partner at Primrose Capital Management Limited in Shanghai. Previously he spent six years at Orbis Investment Advisory in London as a global equity analyst.

• Shea Pei Shee joins the company as a portfolio manager and member of the Equity Income focus team. Prior to joining Eastspring, Pei Shee was an Investment Director at Leedon Capital Group, where she managed an absolute return, long-only portfolio focusing on public equities primarily in the Asia Pacific (ex-Japan) region. Prior to that, she was an Investment Analyst at Fidelity International Limited.

Kevin Gibson, Chief Investment Officer, Equities at Eastspring commented: “Attracting and retaining the best talent in the market is a key priority for us as part of our growth plans. We continually monitor and assess the capacity of our team to deliver exceptional performance for our clients, and as we grow the team we are committed to attracting the right people with the appropriate skills, experience and cultural fit.” 


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